Product Catalog: Ricoh: Interactive Whiteboards
D2200 (RICOH)
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  • Showcase visuals on a 21.5" flat-panel LED display
  • Impress audiences with up 1920 x 1080 dpi resolution
  • Use as an on-the-go interactive whiteboard or videoconference device
  • Add edits to your presentation and share them freely with your audience

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D5510 (RICOH)
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  • Present, review, edit and share in real time
  • Remote participants log in via PIN code authentication
  • Panel Size: 55 inches wide
  • Maximum Resolution of 1920x 1080 dpi

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D6500 (RICOH)
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  • Review high-definition presentations on a 65-inch display panel
  • Connect your PC or Mac device to create a large interactive touchscreen
  • Make handwritten notes, edits and precise markings via fingertip or pen
  • Pair with other Ricoh devices for video conferencing and big-screen projection

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D6500 for Business (RICOH)
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  • Customize presentations in real time on a 65-inch LCD panel
  • Share critical information with onsite and remote audiences quickly
  • Make precise edits to tailor every presentation for any audience
  • Use PIN codes to invite remote participants and protect information

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D8400 (RICOH)
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  • Share images and video on an 84-inch flat-panel display
  • Share visuals at up to 4K resolution (3840x2040 dpi)
  • Connect your PC or Mac and create an extra-large interactive touchscree
  • Make edits and add feedback directly to presentations in real time

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D8400 for Business (RICOH)
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  • Present on an 84-inch flat-panel touch display
  • Share visuals at up 4K resolution(3840 x 2040 dpi)
  • Interact with groups in the room or in remote locations
  • Gain feedback and add edits and share them quickly with a wider audience

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